Thursday, 12 July 2018

08:15am - 08:45am
Tea & coffee available

08:45am - 09:00am OPENING ADDRESS
Room: South One Foyer
08:45am Symposium Chairs: Sarah Atkinson and Doug Fairlie
08:50am Head of Department of Biochemistry (Monash University): Professor Roger Daly
09:00am - 10:40am SCIENCE SESSION 1
Room: South One Lecture Theatre
  Chair: Doug Fairlie
09:00am KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr Erinna Lee
Journey in the valley of (cell) death
  Student Speakers
Chairs: Tess Malcolm and Bronte Johnstone
09:40am Student Speaker 1: Suresh Banjara 
Grouper Iridovirus GIV66 is a Bcl-2 protein that inhibits apoptosis by exclusively sequestering Bim 
10:00am Student Speaker 2: Gabriela Constanza
Targeting bacterial adhesins using shark antibodies: alternatives against Urinary Tract Infections
10:20am Student Speaker 3: Gatham Balaji 
Recognition of host Clr-b by the inhibitory NKR-P1B receptor provides a basis for missing-self recognition
10:40am -11:30am
Poster Session A & Morning Tea (South One Foyer)
Please refer to the poster listing below
11:30am - 01:10pm SCIENCE SESSION 2
Room: South One Lecture Theatre
  Chair: Daniel Scott
11:30am KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr David Thal
My career as a structural biologist trying to understand protein-drug interactions
  Chairs: Shadi Maghool and Blake Mazzitelli
12:10pm Student Speaker 4: Katherine Davies
The brace helices of MLKL mediate interdomain communication and oligomerisation to regulate cell death by necroptosis
12:30pm Student Speaker 5: Feng-Jie Wu 
Tracking ligand induced changes in the conformational equilibrium of a1A-adrenergic receptor using NMR                                          
12:50pm Student Speaker 6: Joshua Hardy 
Investigating the architecture of an assembled non-contractile bacteriophage tail using cryo-EM and helical reconstruction           
01:10pm - 02:30pm
Poster Session B & Lunch (South One Foyer)
Please refer to the poster listing below
02:30pm - 03:40pm CAREER Q&A PANEL
Room: South One Lecture Theatre
  Chair: Urmi Dhagat
02:30pm CAREER PERSPECTIVE: Dr Janet Newman
A career path made crystal clear
03:10pm Panel discussion with Keynote Speakers
03:40pm - 04:00pm AWARDS & CLOSING REMARKS
Room: South One Lecture Theatre
  Symposium Chairs: Sarah Atkinson & Doug Fairlie
04:00pm - 05:00pm Social Hour (Mixer, Drinks & Nibbles)
South One Foyer